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Hualien & Taroko National Park two-day tour

Departing from Taipei


Hualien & Taroko National Park Two-Day Tour

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Itinerary : 

Hualien & Taroko National Park two-day tour

Route No. E-23

Suggested route : ( Proposed departure time: 08:00~09:00 )

Day One : Departing form Taipei city (Hotel)~


, Yilan Pastry Innovation Building,

TCC DAKA Park~High-class rest stop on Su-Hua Highway,


Taroko National Park~

(1)~Ta-roko Tourist Information Center

(2)Shakadang Trail and Xiaozhuilu (choose one or both.)

choose one out of two or both

(3)~Buluowan~Mountain-Moon Bridge (Shanyue)

(4)~Swallow Grotto,=> Tian Hsiang,

(5)~,Jiuqudong (Tunnel of Nine Turns) Trail =>Yuewangting,

(6)~Cimu Bridge =>Changchun Shrine Trail.


Hualien-Qixingtan Scenic Area 

Hualien Futing Tungtamen Night Market--(Lunch)

, Accommodation Hualien Hotel or B&B







Day two : 

Departing Hualien Hotel or B&B

( Proposed departure time: 09:00~10:00 )


, Instructions: Choose one among listed below.

(1)~Whale &Dolphin Watching by Boat in Hualien. 

(2)~sky Mirror Hualien.

(3)~Jade Mine Factory & Jade DIY.

(4)~Hualien Liyu Carp Lake.


★★★ Directions: Choose one out from four options ★★★


, Instructions: Choose one among listed below.

(1)~Chi-An Chinghisu Temple =>Hualien Container Starbucks Huilan Store.

(2)~Hualien Yunshanshui Dream Lake.=>Li Chuan Aquafarm

(3~The most beautiful secret landscape glass house in Hualien=>Pine Garden.

★★★ Directions: Choose one out from three options ★★★


Qingshui Cliff~(One of the ten scenic spots in Taiwan)

, Nanfang'ao Observation Deck

Return to Taipei City.

Recommended food

Yilan Cake. Blancmange Roll. Cake. Garlic Pork Thick Soup.

Hualien Dongdamen and Caihong Night Market. Mr.goose.

Miaobukeyan Juice shop. first shop barbecue.Lin. Ji roasted corn stall

Tai Kee Won Ton. impartial buns. Suao fumeei-seafood.

Jheng Hao soup dumpling. Yih Shun Shiuan.

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1. During Chinese New Year or other special event, activities, or extended holidays, there may be traffic jams causing slight delays and the itinerary may need to be adjusted as needed.

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wechat : eztaiwan


Service numbers:+886 939302111